Recommended Links

Self Storage
Long or short term flexible storage.Very competitive prices. Brand new facilities with good security and 24 hour access.
  U.K.   Storage
Richard Edmonds Automobilia Auctions
Probably the best regular auction for automobila/petroliana. Nice family business.
  U.K.   Auctioneers.
Advertising Antiques Shop/forum
New direct link to this active enamel/ Petroliana site.
  U.K.   Enamel sign Forum & Shop.
Advertising Antiques
Great site if you're into signs. Take your cheque book.!!!!!
  U.K.   Enamel Sign Specialists
Glowball Nostalgia (Robin Hoskins)
Excellent selection of quality REPLICA petrol globes costing about £100 plus p&p. Most brands available.No website at present but phone or fax 01483 277318 & mention for direct supply. Address is Lunar Cottage, Milky Way,Ewhurst, Surrey, United Kingdom. GU6 7QA.
  U.K.   Repro Globes
Chippenham Auctions
Fast becoming a premier Petroliana auction house with their bi-annual sales.
Currently offering a sellers no commission deal.
Contact Richard for exact details.
  U.K.   Petroliana Auction
Vintage Petrol Pump Company
Your dream pump...Fully restored or as found, it's up to you. Great quality restorations and nice people to do business with!
  U.K.   Petrol Pump Suppliers
Automobilia Collectors Club of Austrailia.
Great Austrailian Petroliana collectors site with links to other interesting sites. A bunch of enthusiastic guys who also publish a magazine. Someone should start a club like this for the U.K!
  Australia   Collectors Club
Eric's Shell Collection
Comprehensive private collection focusing on the Shell brand.
  Holland   Collection
Red Telephone Box. com
Very professional phone box restoration company..
  U.K.   Vintage telephone box restoration.
Repro petrol pumps
Reproduction petrol pumps with the option of a custom paint job to decorate a garage if you can't do the real thing.
  U.K.   Repro pumps.
Ron Scobie Enterprises
Detailed parts listing on the website or Address is ....7676 - 120th Street North, Hugo, MN 55038-9426 Phone USA (651)653-6503
  U.S.A.   Replacement pump parts and faces
Collectors Weekly
Whatever you collect there's a section for everyone.
  U.S.A.   Collectors Mag


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Petroliana - On Location

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Ultimate Petroliana

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