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1949 fordson van

1949 fordson van

1949 fordson van

1949 fordson van

1949 fordson van

aero motor oil bottle, super rare (pint)

aero motor oil jug

Aero motor spirit badge

aero motor spirt business card (copy)

Aero motor spirt sign

avery 888 waiting restoration

avery 888 waiting restoration


avery hardoll 888 petrol pump with esso benzol globe

Avery Hardoll instruction card sign

Avery Hardoll manual

Avery Hardoll petrol pump manual

batoyle motor oil bottle

blue star motor oil bottle, super rare (pint)

bowser in the snow

bowser in the snow

bowser oil fountain 1926

bowser oil pump adverts



bowser petrol pump advert

BP diesel motor oil bottle

bp energol

bp energol

bp energol

bp energol quart, anyone got a pint

bp energol visco static, paper lable added later in life

bp energol, irish

bp energol, price's lubricants ltd oil bottle rack

bp energol, rare

bp energol/prices lubricants ltd, grade transfers still intact

bp energol/prices lubricants ltd, very rare pint bottle

Brown Brothers catalogue

caffines service oil and shell rotella quart bottles

castol oil bottle rack

Castol oil pump badge

castrol ( no patented ) on lable

castrol bottle cabinet

castrol bottles, early bottles

castrol motor oil bottle rack

castrol motor oil bottle rack 1940/50s

castrol motor oil bottle rack, 1940/50s

castrol oil bottle

castrol oil bottle caps

castrol oil bottle crate

castrol oil bottle crate

castrol oil bottle crate

castrol oil bottle crate

castrol oil bottle crate

castrol oil bottle crate

castrol oil bottle rack

castrol wakefield oiler

castrol xl

castrol xl

castrol xl, very early and rare bottle

castrol xxl

castrol xxl

castrol, (patented) on lable

castrol, 7 different castrol oil bottles, all very slightly different

castrol, wow



castrolite and vigzol, two rare bottles

castrolite motor oil bottle

castrolite motor oil bottle

Cleveland Discol price sign insert







Duckhams morrisol

duckhams nol 30 bottle caps

Duckhams NOL Forty

duckhams nol motor oil bottle rack

duckhams nol motor oil bottle rack

duckhams nol motor oils, early bottle

duckhams nol oil bottle, quart bottle

duckhams nol, blue lable

duckhams nol, early bottles with grades on lables

duckhams nol, green lable

duckhams oils, anyone got a quart bottle ??

duckhams q20-50 and q5500

duckhams q5500 oil bottle

enamel oil rack sign


Esso benzol mixture petrol pump globe 1935

esso extra, no wighting on the back, blue on lables different!!

esso extra, irish bottle, much shorter!

esso extra, larger wrighting on the back! anyone got the quart

esso extra, the back, note large wrighting!!

esso irish bottles, much shorter!!

esso irish motor oil bottle

Esso motor oil bottle carrier

esso motor oil bottle crate

Esso motor oil bottle key ring

esso motor oil bottle racks

esso, close up

esso, small lettering

esso, the back of the bottles

esso, they have lables and esso in the glass on the back

esso, three different esso extra bottles

esso,one of the three bottles


essolube 1930/40s display pack

essolube bottle carrier

essolube carriers

Essolube oil pump badge

essolube racer motor oil bottle cap, very rare

essolube rack

essolube shop display card sign

essolube shop display stand

essolube, very good condition 1930 cap

filtrate oil medium 30

filtrate oil zero 20

filtrate zero 20

fina 20w30 bottle cap

fina motor oil bottle, early logo

fina motortonic

fina motortonic

fina motortonic and solna

fina motortonic motor oil bottle rack

fina rack

fina sae 20 bottle cap

fina sae 40 bottle cap

Fina solna motor oil bottles

forsters bottle

glicol motor oil bottles with prices on lables, super rare

glicol, very good order for a 1930s bottle


havoline bottles, irish

havoline motor oil bottles from irland

Irish shell oil bottle


lobitol motor oil bottles, irish

lobitos bottle and sign

lobitos oil bottle

Minature shell petrol can

mobil oil bottle rack



mobiloil embossed bottle, pint

mobiloil no vacuum

mobiloil, grey boarder

mobiloil, no boarder

mobiloil, very early motor oil bottle, bottle has price on lable

Motor oil sample sets

national benzol company

national benzol company bottle, super rare and early foil labled

NBC motor oil bottle

NBC motor oil bottle

NBC oil bottle cap

Newton oils

Oil bottle cap

oil fountain cylinders and tags

paper clips

petrol tank caps

power advert

power advertising

power paper clip / esso man

price's energol 20,30,40 any one got more 50, 60 maybe??

price's energol, note one has yellow boarder

prices energol sae 20


pure pennsylvania oil bottle

rare caps

rare caps

rare caps

rare pint bottles

redline bill

regent bottles

Regent oil bottle

regent still sealed

Regent TT

rock oil bottle. quart

ROP motor spirit bakelite pen

royal snowdrift bottles

royal snowdrift molylube bottle

salt and pepper petrol pumps

salvol, multiple thin lines down sides

salvol, thick lines on sides

sample bottles

service oil


shell (pint) anyone seen a quart

shell aero oil

shell bill

shell double pint and quart

shell oil bottle collection

shell oils sample bottle

shell rotella and bp vanellus

shell sample bottle

shell x100

shell x100

shell x100 irish pint

shell x100 motor oil, paper lable with transfer on back

shell x100 rear transfer

shell x100 sae 20 sae 40

shell, double shell, still sealed from new

shell, golden shell

shell, single shell wanted !!

shell, triple shell, still sealed from new

Silensol oil bottle rack printers block

silensol oil bottles, company name of mcmullan down back of bottles

silensol oil bottles, early

silensol rare irish oil bottles

solvol motor oil rack

staminol motor oil

staminol, one pair of two different oil bottles

sternol motor oil

sternol, very early rare pint bottle in excellent condition

texaco motor oil bottles


theo petrol pump advert

Theo petrol pump tag


Valvoline oil company

valvoline with stick on lables

Velvene motor oil bottle

very early duckhams nol pressed cap


vigzol antifreeze and oil bottles (quarts)

vigzol motor oil bottle and antifreeze bottle (pints)

vigzol motor oil bottles (pints) one with early foil cap

vigzol vitafilm motor oil bottles

vigzol vitafreeze antifreeze bottle

vigzol, quart bottles are rare

vitafilm D winter motor oil bottle

Vitafilm summer and winter

wakefield oilit bottle




wellsaline oils, any one got a quart?


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